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RoomStone® Research & Development

Innovative Possibilities of Concrete

Our focus in research is on product development and production development for products of non-classical massive construction. You can improve classic ready-made components on a small scale – but new, innovative products are possible only with the new high-performance concretes and reinforcements. Formwork-smooth fair-faced concrete, high strength, resistant and durable, these properties are attainable with the new high-performance concretes.

Highest Demands on Quality, Environment, Aesthetics, and Economy

Such products can be developed market-ready satisfying demands for the highest quality and aesthetics. This is the credo of RoomStone®’s research & development team:

We search for perfect, product-specific basic components from the seemingly endless possibilities to create concretes and convert these into a functioning, application-oriented matrix for customer-oriented product potential and products.

Additional research is focused on processing. Achieving technically porous free concrete structures in the finished component, is what our efforts in the matrix development, but also in process engineering, are focused on.

Trust is the basis of any cooperation. This is a principle of continuous thinking and acting of our whole team! See also guiding principles: "Team & Principles" as well as Quality and Environment.