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Prizes & Awards

Winner of the Tudalit e.V. Architecture Contest

Markus Brück, Managing Director of RoomStone® GmbH, lectures at the Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck (UIBK) on textile reinforced concrete at the School of Architecture (www.exparch.at). In conjunction with Georg Grasser he received the highest award of Tudalit e.V. for student projects.

Die Jury tagt und diskutiert die einzelnen Entwürfe

Late in July 2011 the jury for the architectural competition met in the new rooms of the TUDALIT trade association in the Dresden World Trade Center. Chaired by Prof. Manfred Curbach (Institute of Solid Construction, TU Dresden) the 21 entries from Germany, Austria and Russia were discussed in several passes. Seven of the designs were short-listed and discussed in detail by the jury (Prof. Hermann Kokenge, Prof. Henn, Prof. Peter Offermann, and Prof. Manfred Curbach, - shown on the side picture from left to right in front of the eventual design winners). Parallel to the jury meeting in Dresden Prof. Josef Hegger in Aachen, Germany viewed the entries as well. He joined the deliberations of the jury later in a telephone conference call.

Gabor Racz (right) and Ingo Parth

The result was – as was the case in previous years – rather unanimous: The 1st prize, endowed with 2.000 euros, went to Gabor Racz and Ingo Parth from the Institute for Experimental Architecture at the University of Innsbruck (Supervisor: DI MAS Georg Grasser and DI Engineer Markus Brück [RoomStone GmbH]). "Concrete Mesh" they called their spatial network of textile reinforced concrete. The awards were presented at the Conference "Textile Reinforced Concrete in Theory and Practice" in Berlin.

Extremely Flexible Mesh of Textile Concrete

The Jury’s Vote for 1. Prize

The design of concrete mesh picks up not only the advantages of textile-reinforced concrete construction, but also offers a creative solution for an effective production. The basic concept consists of an extremely flexible spatial netting of textile reinforced concrete. This opens up a range of possible application in public spaces, e.g. as pavilions, outdoor stages, or trade fair booths, etc.

The space-defining textile bands demonstrate how easy it is to achieve previously unknown freedom in forms when using the new material with its impressive expressiveness.

The team’s approach to the high requirements for practical implementation, which goes beyond the architectural idea, was crucial for the jury, however. A parameterized script was developed using available software, which creates the desired form for the mesh of textile bands in the computer, divides them into segments, and provides the data required for production. Using the motto “CAD to CAM” the designers looked for a computer-controlled variable formwork and defined this as a flexible formwork machine.

The principal proof of feasibility can be provided with a simple model. The award-winning design provides detailed information on the construction, such as the size of the selected segments, joining together the wavelike textile bands, and the proposed connection elements.

Source: TUDALIT e.V. „Leichter Bauen – Zukunft formen“, Edition 5 - September 2011