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Process Involved in Getting the RoomStone® Click System

Starting with Your Inquiry and Ending with the Staircase You’ve Always Wanted

Step 1: Custom, detail-oriented consultation appointment

Tell us what you want: Call or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Some questions can be answered quickly on the telephone, but generally, a face-to-face appointment with a sample you can touch and visually inspect is usually the best way to get to know our product. You can stop by to visit us or we can come to you for a comprehensive dialogue.

Step 2: Prompt offer

According to these plans, created and then sanctioned by you, we calculate an accurate estimate for you that takes into account the custom technical and planning detail and then promptly send to you electronically.

Step 3: Creating a 3D staircase plan with technical details

We usually create a custom “3D staircase plan” for you. This includes, in addition to the actual staircase, the most important parameters, such as location of the stairs, path of the layout, height, wall openings, or other spatial properties relevant for the staircase and wall. After discussing these important details, you can let us know changes which we will integrate into our planning. The plan is not finished until you sign off and give your approval.

Step 4: Order and confirmation

After you examine everything and place the order you will receive from us – promptly as well – an order confirmation, containing comprehensive order details including all planning data and procedures

Step 5: Arrangement of dates with immediate delivery of the individual parts

After your order has been placed, we coordinate the time frame of the installation of the parts in cooperation with the competent installation crew. In order to support your individualized needs and schedule when it comes to installation, we also offer short-notice installation schedules. Mounting of the individual parts is never a time problem because the parts, as part of the standardized RoomStone® click system, are always in stock and thus always available. We weld installation parts to a strand of 3 to 5 parts. This means that any skilled craftsman can assembly the parts himself by following the detailed assembly plan that is included.

Step 6: Installation of parts and delivery of staircase

While installing the individual parts we can bring along – if you so desire – a temporary "staircase" (stairs made out of steel). This temporary staircase can be simply hooked into the wall by the installation crew whenever you desire and the staircase can be used right away. This way your permanent staircase can be installed after the rest of the building construction is completed and will neither be damaged nor soiled by other construction crews. Nonetheless, you can utilized the temporary steel staircase fully while other construction work is in progress. This is another great advantage of the RoomStone® Click System.

Step 7: You choose the desired color at your leisure

You now have ample time to decide on the right color for the staircase. Whether dimension stone, wood, fair-faced concrete in anthracite silver-grey, natural look – or even optional custom colors, such as pink or green: you can choose the color of your staircase in accordance with the color scheme of the surrounding area in peace and quiet. We would be happy to provide samples of standard colors, which you return later.

Step 8: Delivery of staircase after your other construction is finished

If the construction phase is over or close to finished, we will contact you concerning a final decision regarding the color and will then start producing the stairs. For the standard-compliant production of the concrete stairs we need approximately six weeks lead time until final delivery will be made (for details, please see the order contract). Keep in mind that the staircase is already fully functional due to the option of renting the temporary steel stairs ("staircase" steel)!

Step 9: Simple installation of the staircase steps thanks to RoomStone® Click System

Installation is amazingly simple, clean, and does not require drilling or similar procedures. Nevertheless, our experienced technicians install the staircase steps at your location. Our technicians possess adequate lifting equipment and means of transport to ensure that the massive steps can be mounted easily and to compensate for possible variances in your location’s construction. The CLICK 2.0 system was designed to facilitate assembly by non-specialist craftsmen. The steps are securely packed and shipped to you from our production facility. We can, of course, also organize curbside delivery.

You can rely on the impressively innovative simplicity of our RoomStone® Click System born from extensive work in research and development - combined with comprehensive practical experience and our distinctive, state-of-the-art and pragmatic quality management system. Our goal is to have each and every one of our customers be an enthusiastic customer!

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