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RoomStone® Stairs

Wood Variants & Colours

Quality and Haptics

If RoomStone® offers a material besides concrete, then its appearance, high standard of processing, and quality must meet the same strict requirements that we place on our concrete products. Our wooden steps are therefore made of premium solid wood that exhibits a pleasant underfoot feeling and is easy-care due to a sophisticated surface treatment.


We make no compromises when it comes to our wooden stairs. The steps are made completely of the one desired type of wood, they are heavy, and they provide a high carrying capability – just the way wooden steps are meant to be.

The wood is purchased as high-quality raw material. We then forge strips out of the planks which correspond to the length of the individual steps. These are then laminated crossways and form a solid block. Hence, every step consists of a total of 8 non-twistable, laminated strips of wood. These blocks are then cut and honed to fit and subsequently undergo a final surface treatment.

We believe that wooden steps cannot be more natural and graceful than RoomStone® steps. Because a staircase is subject to intense daily usage and scratches in stained wood look artificial and – quite frankly – cheap, we do not stain the wood with artificial colouring. RoomStone® wooden steps are made from natural resources and we ensure that all their natural beauty is preserved throughout the entire production process.

Types of Wood

There are no limits to your imagination here, as long as you decide to use certified wood taken from sustainable forestry. As we do not apply veneers to our steps and only provide solid steps, the cost of the stairs depends on the cost of the natural resource at point of sale.

Our customer service team can show you a variety of alternatives which range from premium types of wood to more cost effective variants. Please note, however, that we cannot make direct copies of the colour or design of existing parquet or other types of floor covering.


RoomStone® wooden steps are available in virtually all sizes. This is because, as opposed to our concrete steps, we do not use limiting formwork during the production procedure. Our standard system permits a cantilever step length of 1185mm.

Special Dimension and Custom Designs

We can also realize special dimensions – meaning that we can construct step lengths of up to 135 cm and still ensure full payload (category T3 in accordance with Din 1055). Custom designs boasting even greater cantilever-parameters can also be realized by means of special construction methods.

Wood is a Premium Material

Every type of wood exhibits unique natural properties. Let’s take a closer look at oak wood, for instance, in order to better understand this statement. During its initial growing phase, the medullary rays are responsible for transporting nutrients from the core of the trunk to the outer sections of the tree. The medullary rays are barely recognisable in some trees and do not differ in colour. In the case of the oak tree, however, these rays are clearly visible and appear as pale stripes in the wood that stretch all the way to the core. Some rays remain in the wood and later appear as bright patterns in all parts of the trunk – thus giving oak wood its unique look.

The patterns in oak wood are a highly visible part of the raw material that also clearly features in the RoomStone® steps – regardless of whether or not the surface has been treated. Because such natural properties are typical for wood, we do not eliminate them by overemphasizing the selection process or adding covering agents to the surface. For us, the natural beauty of RoomStone® steps is one of their most distinguishing characteristics.

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