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RoomStone® Stairs

Dimension Stone Variants & Colours

Quality and Haptics

RoomStone®-stairs in dimension stone are themselves a little bit of a revolution. Only RoomStone® is able to produce cantilever stairs from dimension stone and thus provide you with stone steps in their most, pure, genuine, and natural form.

No annoying foil, no double-layer construction, and no visible fixation points or pre-stressing steel elements. The steps combine the natural appearance of dimension stones with the technical perfection of our cantilever stair system.

RoomStone® dimension stone cantilever stairs appear as if they were growing straight out of the wall. The fine nuances, play of colours, and delicate enclosures in the stone are natural characteristics of our products, which make each and every one of our staircases unique.

Colours and Materials

You can choose from a vast variety of dimension stone. The stone needs to have "grown well" and be able to take a sufficient load. Our primary dimension stones of choice consist of granite or basalt, but marble or other dimension stones can, of course, also be used.

Please do not hesitate to contact our service team regarding this matter. Our team is able to show you examples and provide more details regarding the correct choice of stone for your staircase.

Due to the significant effort involved, we unfortunately cannot provide you with precisely colour-matching elements free of charge. These elements do, however, give your interior that special touch and a more personal note.


RoomStone® dimension stone steps are available in virtually all sizes. This is because, as opposed to our concrete steps, we do not use limiting formwork during the production procedure. Our standard system permits a cantilever step length of 1185 mm.

Special Dimensions and Custom Designs

We can also realize special dimensions – meaning that we can construct step lengths of up to 135 cm and still ensure full payload (category T3 in accordance with Din 1055). Custom designs boasting even greater cantilever-parameters can also be realized by means of special construction methods.

Dimension Stone is a Unique Raw Material

Every stone is unique. That is probably the best way to describe dimension stone. All of the natural properties remain an integral part of the finished RoomStone® product. Natural enclosures, colour gradients, and marbling are inherent characteristics of dimension stone and are therefore not considered as faults.

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