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RoomStone® Stairs

Fair-Faced Concrete Variants & Colors

Quality and Haptics

RoomStone® staircases, like all RoomStone® products, possess extremely high quality and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. Nuances and play with color of smooth surface fair-faced concrete are natural characteristics of our products. However, there are no obvious, rough blemishes in any concrete component, in the way one sometimes encounters this with products of other suppliers.

RoomStone® Quality Surpasses All Conventional Classifications of Fair-Faced Concrete

RoomStone® concrete feels as smooth as velvet, is naturally massive and a natural building material, including all facets that are part of the fair-faced concrete material itself. RoomStone® concrete cannot be classified according to the “Data Sheet Concrete” published by the BDZ/DBV, RoomStone® surpasses even the highest classification of SB4 by far.

Born out of Passion for Pure Naturalness!

We use only natural additives, the purest cements and natural pozzolana. We are convinced that this is necessary in order to make the real naturalness of the concrete palpable and tangible. All RoomStone® products are unique due to their naturalness; each step is one of a kind – manufactured and produced aided by the art of engineering but also imbued with heartfelt passion, precision, and attention for detail, as well as a result of constant searching for continuous optimization.


Grey tones

  • RoomStone® Agat Grey
  • RoomStone® Silver Grey
  • RoomStone® Anthrazit

The grey tones we apply consist of clear grey paints. The base of the paints is white cement, which is subsequently darkened with black pigments.

Natural Colors

  • RoomStone® Natura (bright grey cement with touches of yellow and green)
  • RoomStone® Natura very bright (mix of grey and white cement)

The natural tones exhibit the fundamental characteristics of cement as a natural resource in its purest form. Depending on the batch they are retrieved from, some of the colours may deviate from the initial sample colour.

Special Colors

Customized colors are also available. With most modern colorimeters, we can chart, for example, samples provided by you, whether it be a piece of flooring or a handbag you especially loved. Send us a swatch and we return to you 3 color samples that approximate the desired shade. The desired colors/color shades that match your desired shade are realized in our lab, produced and then added to the concrete. We cannot offer these custom colors without an increase in cost, unfortunately, due to the higher production expense, but they will add special individuality and personality to your interior.


All of our products are produced with sharp edges. This type of production (patented by RoomStone®) allows for the best and purest color variations at the edges and corners. After manufacturing, the edges are processed mechanically, chamfered. The skin of the cement and the fine sand are removed locally with precision. In this way we attain a tough, strong and clean visible edge, which appears pretty, precise and high quality and actually is all of these things.

Sizes - Measurements

Clean and accurate stair step dimensions are defined by the amount of pitch and size of the step. This is custom definable and can be carefully planned with RoomStone® due to the location of the components.

The RoomStone® stairs are therefore available in scaled sizes and we can produce these high-quality surfaces with the finest cast materials. A set of casings is produced expensively and in high-quality to achieve the typical velvety and unique surfaces of RoomStone®.

  • Stairs come in standard sizes of “5 cm”-increments between 80 and 118,5 cm.
  • Widths are available in sizes of 26, 28, 30, and 32 cm.

Special Sizes and Special Orders

Special sizes are naturally available as well – therefore, step lengths of up to 135 cm are possible without any problems at full load (category T3 in accordance with DIN 1055). We are also able to implement even greater overhang, using customized special designs. Our extensive knowledge as a result of our internal research, development and construction in the area of concrete is a primary strength of RoomStone®.

Raw Materials and Appearance of Concrete Surfaces

We would like to once again expressly point out that we only use natural raw materials. Even though we only process the highest grade concrete materials and have considerable experience in the processing of this type of raw material, colour deviations in the material can always occur.

These deviations are not considered as faults, but are instead seen as basic characteristics of a natural raw material. We would therefore like to direct your attention to the fair-faced concrete fact sheet and once again express, that our products adhere to the SB4 standard – this is currently the highest requirements-class for fair-faced concrete. According to the SB4 standard, even little cracks smaller than 0.3 mm are not considered faults. Concrete shrinks when it dries and small cracks can always occur in the process. These cracks are neither visual nor static faults, but are instead an inevitable aspect of working with concrete.

The concrete we use is high-strength, high density and exhibits an extraordinarily high surface quality. Some liquids can, however, nonetheless penetrate the surface of the concrete. That is why we apply a three-step surface protection agent to the concrete that considerably decreases the material’s sensitivity to dirt, is virtually invisible and barely changes the haptics of the surface. We solely apply non-film-forming surface agents. Even though film-forming agents would facilitate a higher degree of protection, they would have a negative affect by considerably tampering with the haptics of the concrete. Everything we produce consists of genuine highest quality concrete.

Colour deviations and differing nuances between two orthogonal surfaces can always appear when working with natural concrete. Our stairs are produced via a standing formwork process and therefore exhibit surface characteristics that differ regarding their inherent horizontal and vertical parameters, meaning horizontal surfaces may appear darker and vertical surfaces may appear brighter.

Our company always aims to ensure that you only receive highest quality products. That is why we provide our employees with expert training and consistently apply state-of-the-art knowhow to all production processes at RoomStone®. We continuously inspect, control, and optimize our raw materials and processes. Our suppliers too must go through tough checks before they are allowed to supply us with their products. These checks are, of course, regularly repeated. Our products are monitored during each and every phase of the production process and we only ship those products to our customers that meet our strict requirements.

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