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Process Involved in Getting the RoomStone® Fix-Systems

Starting with Your Inquiry and Ending with the Staircase You’ve Always Wanted

1: Custom, detail-oriented consultation appointment

Tell us what you want: Call or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Some questions can be answered quickly on the telephone, but generally, a face-to-face appointment with a sample you can touch and visually inspect is usually the best way to get to know our product. You can stop by to visit us or we can come to you for a comprehensive dialogue.

2: Creating a 3D Plan of the Stairs Including Technical Details

As the wall and other parameters already exist, a detailed sketch which merely quotes the dimensions on paper is not really helpful. That is why we take the exact measurements onsite. We plan the stairs as well as possible in advance in order to be able to provide initial quotes prior to the first onsite inspection and subsequent construction. Important planning parameters include storey height, lengths of walls, and size of pedestals (if desired). We use all this information in order to establish the gradient of the stairs, number of steps, and other important aspects.

3: Prompt offer

We usually create a custom “3D staircase plan” for you. This includes, in addition to the actual staircase, the most important parameters, such as location of the stairs, path of the layout, height, wall openings, or other spatial properties relevant for the staircase and wall. After discussing these important details, you can let us know changes which we will integrate into our planning. The plan is not finished until you sign off and give your approval.

4: Order and confirmation

After you examine everything and place the order you will receive from us – promptly as well – an order confirmation, containing comprehensive order details including all planning data and procedures

5: Coordination of Dates and Immediate Assembly and Onsite Inspection

Once the order has been made, we immediately begin coordinating the initial onsite inspection with the construction management team in order to establish the necessary fine-tuning of construction details. The stairway is then drawn – this drawing must subsequently be approved by you. After you have approved the drawing, we immediately start drilling the holes into the walls for the fixation points. After the first onsite appointment has been conducted, we discuss the detailed planning and put it down on paper. You will need to approve this document as well. The chosen colours and materials must also be approved by you as too do the final dimensions of the individual steps. At this point we commence with the actual stair production process.

6: Shipment and assembly of the Staircase

In order to be able to provide standard-compliant stairs, we require a lead time of approximately eight weeks prior to shipment (we provide details regarding this matter in your advance order). The steps are then installed by our skilled technicians.

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