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RoomStone® Stairs

Advantages RoomStone® Fix

Standardized – But Still Customizable

The RoomStone® staircase is an integrated, cost-optimized system, which is planned for individual customers. The standardized system of wall mounted components and stairs guarantees the dimensional stability and adequate carrying capacity; individual planning allows adaptation to the needs of builders and architects.

Extremely High Carrying Capacity

RoomStone® staircases are very solid. In addition to the payload categories T1 for stairs without significant traffic RoomStone® stairs can be ordered to satisfy payload categories T2 and T3.

Durable, Abrasion-Resistant, and Solid Impregnation

RoomStone® stairs are equipped with an abrasion-resistant impregnation to guard against oils and water. This long-lasting impregnation gives these rugged stairs permanent stain protection with maximum dirt protection.

Extremely Sure-Footed and Comfortable Feeling

RoomStone® staircases are extremely solid, the stairs offer a very sure-footed walking experience. The stairs do not sound hollow. Bowing under loads is very low compared with other systems.

Additional Loads Derived from Fall Protection Systems (e.g. Guardrails) Can Be Transferred onto Stairs

RoomStone® staircases are constructed in such a way that even additional loads derived from fall protection systems can be transferred onto the stairs for all capacity categories T1 to T3.

Very High Projections/Overhang Possible

RoomStone® staircases can have a large overhang. Overhang of up to 1.5m with a load capacity of T3 have been produced already.

Quality Far beyond Current Standards for Fair-Faced Concrete – It Is in a Class of Its Own!

RoomStone® fair-faced concrete surpasses the highest classification of SB4 according to the industry data sheet „Fair-Faced Concrete“ (Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik Verein E.V., Edition 2004).

Available in Exclusive Colors as Well as Standard Colors

RoomStone® staircases are available in trendy standard colors for those who want them quickly, but can also be manufactured in fancy colors.

Staircases for Outdoor and Indoor Usage

RoomStone® staircases can be used indoor as well as outdoors. For exterior stairs, all reinforcement parts and components are made of stainless steel.

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