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Cantilever Stairs

RoomStone® Stairs Fix


The Fix-System is the ideal solution for the concealed attachment of our stairs to existing walls. Depending on the type of wall you wish to attach the stairs to, we are able to provide suitable solutions that precisely meet your requirements. In the case of fair-faced concrete walls, for instance, we apply our patented drill-method in order to install invisible fixations that later support the cantilever stairs.

In the case of solid wood walls we install steel stair stringers, to which the steps are later attached with screws. The steel stringers are later covered with plaster/gypsum board.

A variety of fastening systems and connection elements for handrails or pedestal plates are also available. Please do not hesitate to consult our technical service team.

The fix system does not offer the possibility of temporary stairs or removability that the click system does. In the case of plastered walls, it is advisable that you have a painter see about the connecting joints after the construction process has been completed.

Fixsystem Sichtbetonwand Fixsystem Holzmassivwand

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