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Cantilever Staircase

RoomStone® Stairs

Prefabricated components are mounted on the in-situ concrete wall or partial concrete wall. Right after sheeting of the in-situ concrete wall or erecting and fastening of the partial concrete wall is completed you can obtain from us, on a loan basis, a standardized construction stage made out of steel. You can attach these parts without any effort by clicking them into a locking system. To these, you can attach the bars for handrails, and add boards to construct, in short order, a secure and stable construction stage. An employee needs, at the most, a half hour to put up an entire level.

As soon as the painters have left the construction site and no more construction dirt is expected, we will deliver your concrete or wooden stairs. You can affix these yourself or have our mounting team do it for you. The stairs are invisibly attached to the wall and can be detached with a special tool if needed. No visible screws or other fasteners spoil the look.

Of course we also offer you custom solutions. Invisible fasteners in existing walls and details for similarly clever banister attachments or pedestals are also a part of our line of products. Please ask our technical service personnel for more information on this.

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