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The RoomStone® team plans, constructs, assembles, delivers, and installs just about any desired object made out of concrete.

Whether you are looking for custom, high quality back yard furniture, such as tables, benches, seating, mailboxes (as well as mail box enclosures); or art objects, such as sculptures, custom water fountains or ponds, as well as complete house facades, we are able to assist you. The possibilities are virtually endless due to the depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience, as well as our team’s abilities in construction and production involving high performance concrete.

If you are looking for a competent and reliable partner to implement your individual ideas involving high performance concrete, from construction to planning, from assembly to installation – ready to use – we are the right company for you.

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience what RoomStone® concrete feels like – we promise you a velvety and convincing experience, a feeling you have thus far not associated with concrete.

Ask and challenge us! We guarantee that we will keep our promise.

"Concrete Balloon"


"Concrete Balloon" is the name of an artwork installed at the IGS Bretzenheim. It was designed by the artist trio UpperBleistein and realized by RoomStone®.


Glantalklinik in Meisenheim

RoomStone® produced and installed the smooth finish class SB2 fair-faced concrete walls for the Conhereos artist group. We at RoomStone® are already looking forward to the scheduled completion of the artwork in spring 2015.



RoomStone® Cortenstone is a type of glaze for light-coloured fair-faced concrete sub-surfaces that are installed indoors. The haptics and appearance of corten steel can thus be easily applied to concrete surfaces. It combines the natural appearance of a concrete substructure with the elegant look and feel of corten steel patina. Cortenstone is a purely natural product.


A noticeboard made of concrete with a scratch-resistant, washable surface that features ferromagnetic characteristics. Our noticeboards are stylish solutions for attaching notes and shopping lists or simply noting down phone numbers or other information in chalk.

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