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RoomStone® L-Steps

L-Steps were developed in order to combine prefabricated flights of stairs with RoomStone® concrete elements. They are produced via the same method as the cantilever stairs and thus also exhibit the same all-round smooth formed finish. There are no visible production-induced differences between the steps and risers. L-Steps can also be used in conjunction with steel sub-structures e.g. between two supporting walls in an existing building.

There are two different attachment systems available for mounting L-Steps: The one system is designed for mounting the steps on an existing concrete stairway and the other system enables the direct installation of the stairs between two existing walls.

L-Steps as Covering Element:

It is possible to apply traditional methods in order to install our L-Steps. In this case, abreuvoir or mortar joint techniques are applied during the installation process and the steps are placed in a 2 cm thick bed of mortar.

We, however, strongly recommend that you apply the following much more sophisticated and precise method of installation we provide. After the steps have been produced, they are surface-treated and shaped to precisely meet the required sloping dimensions. The steps are now so accurate, that the L-Steps can be placed directly on top of them. In order to prevent crackle sounds, a 0.5 to 1.00 mm thick elastic strip is placed between the steps. All of this means that there is no need for the commonly used 1 cm mortar joints. Impact noises can also be significantly reduced by not placing the steps in a bed of mortar but applying our special soundproofing glue instead. If you wish to hide the joints, we also supply color-matching perma-elastic dimension stone shaded silicone

L-Steps as Stand-Alone Stairs without Supporting Structure:

Of course, L-Steps can also be implemented as standalone stairs. In this case, the L-Steps are mounted between two existing walls. In order for us to be able to do so, we require precise information regarding the exact clearance width between the stairs. We then shorten each L-Step in our production facility to meet the exact dimensions provided. As the L-Steps are equipped with a steel sub-frame which can be directly attached to the walls on either side, it is not necessary that an additional concrete/steel staircase substructure is available onsite. Once they have been installed, the bottom of the L-Step staircase can be panelled or wainscoted with gypsum plates. Lighting elements or other installations can subsequently be inserted in the gap between the gypsum plate and the L-Step.

L-Step stairs provide you with a tried and tested and cost-effective method of integrating premium RoomStone® concrete in your building, as neither concrete walls nor existing stairs are required.

Technical Specifications of L-Steps

Available material: fair-faced concrete

Length of individual step: up to 1185mm

Material thickness: 30mm

Available widths:

  • 26 to 36 cm wide fair-faced concrete
  • Other dimensions available upon request

Stain protection / surface treatment: permanent protection, 3fold surface impregnation

Self-assembly: If desired, you can organize and execute the assembly of the stairs yourself

Soundproofing in accordance with DIN 4106 supplementary sheet 2: is not available

Skid protection applies in accordance with DIN 51130: R10 or greater

Fire protection: only class A1 materials are used, non-inflammable

Tolerance compensation during final assembly is possible:

  • Precise information regarding the height that needs to be bridged by the stairs must be available prior to shipment
  • The stair tread can be varied when the steps are installed in order to meet pre-specified parameters
  • Only possible following further consultation, as the steps need to be removed in the process

Step protection during construction phase: Not available

Stair landings / pedestals: available upon request

Installation possible on rounded walls: Yes

Realization possible as distorted step e.g. quarter-newelled: No

Please consult our download area for more detailed information and sketches regarding the various products.