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Beton.org Reports on Pre-Fabricated Fair-Faced Concrete Stairs

Suspended, seemingly weightless, fair-faced concrete stairs add a unique architectural element to the room, which immediately evokes the expert workmanship involved in creating this high-quality product. The team at RoomStone GmbH, founded in the year 2009, has years of experience regarding the application of high-grade concrete as building material. In addition to marketing their own designs, they are particularly engaged in exploring new techniques and possibilities in concrete technology.

For 4 years, RoomStone® has been producing stairs, furniture, boxes, outdoor objects and artwork. The pre-fabricated cantilevered stairs, made of solid textile concrete, impress with their simple, clean lines and a perfect fair-faced concrete finish. Velvety smooth surfaces with chamfered edges made of colored, high-tensile concrete are, in detail and quality, evidence of sophisticated technology and impressive fabrication. The pre-fabricated stairs are hung in a self-invented process on pre-fabricated mounting parts which are installed on an in-situ concrete or pre-cast wall. Neither screws nor other fasteners are visible.

The option of installing steel stairs during the construction phase is a well-thought out and practical solution, and the temporary steel stairs can also be obtained through RoomStone®. When construction has been completed the steel stairs, often showing clear signs of usage, can be exchanged with the new and impeccable pre-fabricated fair-faced concrete stairs.

Staircase components are available in various colors, including agate grey, silver grey, and anthracite. Customers can order personalized colors and variations in stair heights and widths from RoomStone®.

RoomStone® GmbH organizes the entire process from production to transport to installation, and builders and owners can relax and rest assured of their choice – the concrete product satisfies all aspects of this high-quality design.

As a service provider for innovative concrete designs, RoomStone®, located in Mainz, perfects the interface of optimizing quality and processing with a highly qualified team. Engineers expand the foundations of state-of-the-art concrete technologies in laboratories and conduct intensive research on high-tensile fibers, aggregates, and optimized grain-size distribution curves. Leading private companies, such as the Austrian Rieder Group, make up RoomStone® GmbH’s customer base and take advantage of their services in the areas of research, development, and certification.

You will find more information at www.beton-org.de