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Not Quite Straight?

The Conhereos group of artists completes fair-faced concrete artwork for Glantalklinik in Meisenheim

Artwork - Glantalklinik Meisenheim.jpg
Artwork - Glantalklinik Meisenheim

“Can you not straighten it a bit? If feel giddy just looking at it”, one of the employees of the Glantalklinik shouts over to the RoomStone® technicians. However, “That is precisely what this artwork should do” the two developers of the artwork Mirko Schwarz and Markus Quirius state in a highly satisfied manner.

A 6.5 m wall ranges into the skies at an angle of 10°. There is also a second angled and equally crooked wall next to it that includes two pedestals – one of which serves as a viewing platform. As expected, the artwork fulfils precisely the purpose it was designed for. The clinic on the slopes of a hill simply offers no horizontal or vertical axis, which the human eye could use as means of orientation. Seemingly non-perpendicular alignments turn out to be perpendicular after all and vertical lines appear somewhat “strangely crooked”.

RoomStone® produced and assembled the all-round smooth finish fair-faced concrete SB2 class walls just as desired by the artists. Everyone at RoomStone® is now looking forward to the scheduled completion of the exterior installations and artwork in spring 2015 and watching it glisten in the sunshine.

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