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The RoomStone® Company

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Competency in Research, Development, Construction, and Production

The RoomStone® GmbH team is composed of architects, civil engineers, material engineers, as well as quality /process optimization experts and offers products and services for high-performance concrete and related products. Part of the expertise of RoomStone® GmbH and their innovative products is knowing high-tech plasticizer, high-strength fibers, new aggregates, and optimized grain-size distribution curves in the area of fine and smallest grain.

Focus on Innovation and the Customer!

In addition to our continuous research and development, it is crucial that developed products can be produced efficiently. Experience in the planning of precast concrete components guarantees a successful launch of new product developments. The credo underlying all of our actions is fostering interaction between the different engineering sciences, so that architectural goals become effective and customer-oriented products.

Our team operates interdisciplinary and transforms ideas of architects and designers into engineering solutions that satisfy the highest quality standards. In particular, the direct contact with universities, research and development institutions, as well as our customers, helps us to incorporate recent developments directly into the implementation of customer wishes.

Products from Our Own Production Line – We Call It “Industrial Manufacturing“

In the beginning of 2010 RoomStone® began its own staircase production for high-strength, slim fair-faced concrete stairs in the cantilever design made from high-strength architecture concrete and high-performance concrete.

Customer Base and Company Size Increases Steadily

RoomStone® GmbH, with a steadily and organically growing customer base and corporate structure, has seen to it that the company is focused on sustainability and forward-looking and is actively shaping the technical and organizational progress of an industry. We always focus on benefit for our customers. We do not value function for function sake, but our actions are determined by relevance, usability, sustainability, design, and, in particular, maximal customer satisfaction.

Down to Earth, Progressive, Growing Organically

Our consistently high sales and earnings performance is surely based on several things: in a world that is often characterized by pursuits of quick success, we are pleased that we were able to develop a reputation as a reliable and strong partner within several years, and built on a solid and stable economic foundation.

A Secure Future through Solid Value and Enthusiastic Customers

Not only are RoomStone® GmbH innovations responsible for our past and future success but so is our solid, conservative financial planning.

We may not be the cheapest provider in the industry but we never aspired to be able to make that claim. We want to be the best, we want to excite you with our solutions and our performance and thus convince you to pay a fair price with no hidden costs.

Customers Who Are Excited by an Excited Team

We enjoy our work and are rewarded with an excellent working atmosphere and excellent relationships with enthusiastic customers and suppliers. Close customer proximity and a high degree of innovation built on a solid foundation and combined with a first class team, within which working is fun: this and nothing else is the secret of our success.