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Hans-Jörg Brück

Curriculum Vitae

Hans-Jörg Brück

Vocational Training as Material Tester

In 1980, Hans-Jörg Brück started his professional career with his training as material tester (concentration: physics). In 1983, he finished his theoretical and practical training and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) awarded him the recognition “Best of His Graduating Class”.

Professional Experience in the Automotive Supply Industry Material and Testing Lab

Beginning in July 1984, Hans-Jörg Brück was employed as material tester in the technical lab of ITT TEVES GmbH (today Continental Inc. Automotive). Here, he worked on the analysis and development of materials and the chemical analysis and physical testing of materials and products.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

During his lab work, Hans-Jörg Brück discovered his passion for innovative products and his desire for continuous improvement of products and processes. He also discovered the new opportunities that originated in the 1980s through a generation that reinvented itself with information technology (IT).

Development of Lab Software, Process Optimization Software, and CAQ-Software

Among other projects, Hans-Jörg Brück developed software for the fully-automatic analysis of materials for emissions spectrometer (calibration- and interference curves as well as control systems), regression and correlation analysis and statistical trial methodology (variance analysis/Taguchi) for process optimization and reduction of production waste, for example in a ductile cast iron foundry (cupola melting furnace), electroplating, and production/mounting. In addition, he developed software solutions for carousel type casting and waste detection of a ductile cast iron foundry in order to optimize the handling and evaluation for continued development of these processes.

In 1986, Hans-Jörg Brück developed software for quality control for inspections of incoming goods. He developed and introduced software (including training guides and sessions) for statistical process control (SPD) for the European branches of ITT TEVES (now Continental Inc. Automotive), software for quality management (Computer Aided Quality Assurance “CAQ-System”) for the European and American subsidiaries of ITT TEVES (now Continental Inc. Automotive). He also completed a comprehensive certificate in technical statistics (“DGQ Quality Technician Q II”).

Manager of IT & Organization, Instructor and Consultant

In March 1991, Hans-Jörg Brück moved to GFQ Association for the Advancement of Quality Control, GmbH in Eschborn near Frankfurt/M, a renowned and leading consulting company – then mainly working in the area of automotive production and supply. Here, he was responsible for IT & organization and participated in the development and conceptualization of comprehensive seminars on quality and environment management of GFQ. He was also working as an instructor and consultant for mid-size companies in different industries in the areas of quality management and process optimization.

Founding of CAQ Software Inc.

In April 1993, Hans-Jörg Brück founded GFQ Software Inc . (Development, Sales, Training, and Software Support for Quality Management in accordance with ISO 9001)as CEO with his friend and business partner Michael Schwarz. As a result of the rapid establishment of GFQ Software Inc. in the German-speaking market a name change became necessary for brand name purposes in order to enter into the international market resulting in the new brand name “CAQ Software Inc.”

Founding of CAQ Software Inc. (USA)

Together with Michael Schwarz, Hans-Jörg Brück founded CAQ Software Inc. in the US in 1999, acting as CEO.

Founding of CAQ Inc. Factory Systems

Due of continuing strong demand for products and services on international markets, the company changed from CAQ Software GmbH to a corporation in 2000, today’s “CAQ Inc. Factory Systems.” As CEO and major stock holder (50%) of CAQ Inc. Factory Systems, Hans-Jörg Brück was in charge of marketing, sales, finance, quality management, support, training, company consulting, human resources, and administration. As one of the market leaders the company is devoted to the development and production of powerful software solutions for modern quality and environment management and is among the most renowned companies in the industry. In a world which is littered with start-ups, illusionary Wall Street miracles, and the desire for swift success, CAQ Inc. Factory Systems has established itself as a reliable and strong partner with a solid financial base.

Acquisition of GFQ Academy GmbH

In 2003, Hans-Jörg Brück and his friend and business partner Michael Schwarz acquired GFQ Academie GmbH, each holding 50% of the company’s shares. Due to specific succession regulations, evoked by the retirement of the founder of GFQ Academie GmbH Klaus Schumacher, Mr. Schwarz and Brück took over the management of the company. At this point, we would like to thank Mr. Schumacher emphatically again for entrusting us with the continuation of his life’s work! For more than 30 years, GFQ Academie GmbH has been an important partner for industry companies—mainly small and mid-size companies—and for the service industry in training employees and in consulting in the areas of quality, environment, human resources management and personal development.

Continued Success through Teamwork

Hans-Jörg Brück and Michael Schwarz have used this mantra to collaboratively lead the three companies CAQ AG Factory Systems (Germany), CAQ Software Inc. (USA), as well as GFQ Akademie GmbH (Germany), each sharing the position of CEO and each owning 50% of the companies. Due to the upcoming retirement of Hans-Jörg Brück’s long-term friend and business partner Michael Schwarz in 2015, in 2013 a seamless transition of transfer of these groups of companies, CAQ AG Factory Systems and GFQ Akademie GmbH, to a new generation was completed. This new team consists of highly competent, experienced leaders in these companies and therefore completely informed team players, to whom the continuation of the life’s work of Hans-Jörg Brück and Michael Schwarz was entrusted. Hans-Jörg Brück and Michael Schwarz continue to be active members of the board of directors, which has been expanded by three members in 2013, and CEOs of GFQ Akademie GmbH.

Other Areas of Competence

In the past few years Hans-Jörg Brück has participated in many training sessions and workshops and successfully completed specific certification exams; for example, “Quality Manager GFQ-IHK, including Internal Auditor DIN ENISO 9001”, “Quality Auditor [1st, 2nd party auditor] GFQ-IHK”, “Environmental Inspector/Environmental Auditor GFQ-IHK [environmental auditor, qualification according to ordinance [EG] No. 1221/2009 [EMAS] and DIN EN ISO 14001], controlling, and several trips abroad to hone his English language skills.

Founding of RoomStone® GmbH

In 2009 Hans-Jörg Brück and Markus Brück founded RoomStone® GmbH. RoomStone® operates in engineering-specific and industry-spanning developments in the sector of concrete pre-cast segments. Collaboration between architecture, building systems, processing technology, connection details used in specialized concrete with fine-grain concrete lies at the heart of the company’s efforts. In 2010, RoomStone® GmbH started production on high-strength, slim, fair-faced concrete staircases in the cantilever design made of high-strength architecture concrete and high-performance concrete.